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Kenya Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries


The mandate of the Ministry is to ensure 100% Food and Nutrition Security and to improve the livelihoods of rural Kenyans by transforming the sector to be competitive, commercially oriented and responsive to the economic needs of the country.

The Ministry has been restructured severally over the years and is currently comprised of four State Departments: Crop Development and Agricultural Research, Livestock, Fisheries and Blue Economy and Cooperative Development.

In a devolved government structure, MoALFC, which is part of the National Government is responsible for policy formulation, regulation and the creation of an enabling environment for investment and business operation by different actors while the 47 County Governments are each responsible for the direct implementation of agricultural programmes, projects and day-to-day activities to support farmers, pastoralists, fisherfolk, cooperators and other stakeholders.

Kenya is currently implementing the Agriculture Sector Growth and Transformation Strategy (ASTGS 2019-2029) which is spearheaded by the Agriculture Transformation Office (ATO). Agricultural transformation is critical to growing the economy, reducing the cost of food, alleviating poverty and therefore delivering 100% food and nutrition security. The ASTGS takes an evidence-based approach with a sharp focus on “Delivery by Counties” to address the effects of climate change, perennial challenges that constrain agricultural output and productivity and, integrating sound natural resource management systems for sustainable growth and development of the sector.

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