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The Ministry of Environment in Peru (MINAM) promotes environmental sustainability of the country preserving, protecting, restoring and ensuring environmental conditions, ecosystems and natural resources.


MINAM objectives are the product of consensus and aim to strengthen the confidence of citizens in relation to the role of the state in environmental protection, sustainable management of natural resources and the conservation of species and ecosystems. Four aspects define the full and gradual incorporation of the environmental dimension into public policies.

Axis 1: Sovereign State and guarantor of rights

  • Reduce socio-environmental conflicts.
  • Raise the level of culture and environmental citizenship.
  • Strengthen the exercise of the supervisory environmental function.

Axis 2: Improving the quality of life in a healthy environment

  • Reduce pollution of water resources in river basins and coastal marine areas.
  • Reduce air pollution.
  • Prevent and stop the degradation and soil contamination.
  • Increase knowledge on the availability of water resources.
  • Reduce noise pollution.

Axis 3: Juggling the harmonious use of natural resources

  • Reduce the vulnerability of disaster risk population with land use planning .
  • Maintaining ecosystem services Natural Areas.

Axis 4: Healthy Natural Heritage

  • Raising the capacity to adapt to climate change .
  • Reducing deforestation and forest degradation.
  • Reduce the emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs).
  • Conserve and to value the biodiversity, especially endangered species.
  • Preserve crop genetic diversity (ecosystems agro) and wild.
  • Preserve the integrity of fragile ecosystems.

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