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MoJo Velo

On April 9th 2016, the 3 person Mojo Velo project team began a gruelling 15,000 km trans-African cycling expedition from Cape Town, South Africa to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Travelling unsupported for up to 10 months, carrying all their gear, cycling through remote desert, thorny savannah, and mushrooming cities, they will rely on their own self-sufficiency, and on the Ubuntu spirit of the people they meet.

Embracing the latest Apple iPhone technologies they are demonstrating the power of mobile video journalism by producing high quality documentary shorts on the move. They are charging their devices as much as possible using portable solar power. They are producing documentary shorts that showcase ordinary people doing extraordinary things for their community and the planet. They seek to foster cultural exchange between people all over the world through the sharing of stories, challenging negative perceptions of Africa and promoting its innovation, ingenuity and resilience.

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