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MP Ensystems Advisory Private Limited

We are a niche energy and environmental sector consultancy and advisory firm that was set up in 2012. Along with private sector clients, we also work with donor agencies such as the British High Commission, De- partment for International Development (DFID, UK), USAID, large multinational companies, electricity regulatory commissions, electricity distribution utilities and academic institutions, on both, India-specific and international projects. Our experts have direct experience with donor agencies such as The World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.

On behalf of our clients, we advise several electricity regulatory commissions to evolve benign regulatory and policy structures that enable implementers to innovate new resource efficient products and ap- proaches to meet resource conservation benefits. We assist regulatory commissions in developing utility demand-side management policies and regulations and tools to evaluate, measure and verify demand and energy savings. As a non-partisan expert business organization, through technical assistance from bilateral and multilateral funders, we have also assisted several electricity distribution licensees in design- ing, implementing and evaluating demand-side management and energy conservation programs. In addition to our on-the-ground presence in India, we are currently supporting energy efficiency policy development efforts in the Pacific Islands, South East Asia and the Middle East.

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