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OU Nederland

The Open Universiteit Nederland (OU)is an institution for distance education at university level (both professional and scientific). This means that students do not attend classes but study at home. The Open Universiteit uses a variety of methods for distance learning, including written materials, the internet, and occasional evening seminars or day sessions.

It is an independent government-funded institute. The administration is based in Heerlen, in the province of Limburg, in the very south of the Netherlands. Dispersed over the Netherlands, the Open Universiteit has 12 study centres and 3 support centres, as well as 6 study centres in Dutch-speaking Flanders (Belgium) and 1 study centre in the Netherlands Antilles.

School of Science

The OU’s School of Science offers programmes with natural sciences at their core, aiming to train broadly oriented environmental scientists. Our students learn to work in multidisciplinary teams. In this way they will be able to actively develop strategies to deal with dilemmas in a complex socio-economic context. This requires not only a solid scientific base but also a knowledge of policy development and management. We offer some programmes and courses in English.


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