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Peoples Development Institute (PDI) is an NGO propelled by a vision to pursue asset reform and rural development by building and strengthening local organizations that will serve as effective partners in addressing related social, economic and political concerns.

Vision: Free, prosperous and self-reliant communities

Mission: Building self-reliant communities through people’s initiatives


  • To strengthen and consolidate the people’s organizations towards asset reform and rural development initiatives.

  • To provide training and education to POs, NGOs and other institutions to further strengthen their organizations, upgrade staff skills, and broaden their service coverage.

  • To develop community-based Comprehensive Development Programs using participatory methods in pursuit of genuine asset reform and undertake program implementation in selected areas.

  • To conscientize other sectors of society, specifically intellectuals and professionals to participate in the process of realizing genuine asset reform and rural development through policy advocacy and participatory research.

  • To transform ground level experiences into policies for advocacy at the local, national and international level.

PDI upholds and adheres to the Genuine Asset Reform (GAR) Framework which argues that rural development and self-reliant communities can be achieved by the positive combination of changes in land tenure and social and economic support services minus the influence of vested interests that impede progress. In this regard, PDI’s main role is to encourage and support farmers, farmworkers, women and indigenous peoples who aspire to claim and protect their rights and who aim to pursue their autonomous goals in their respective communities.

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