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PrettyGoodProductions offers professional video services to a variety of clients, including: non-profits, small businesses, artists, and musicians. Part of PGP’s mission is to partner with organizations and people doing valuable work and help them tell their stories at an affordable rate. (Ask about our non-profit discounts!)

PGP’s mission is “to creatively depict our beautiful and complex reality through film, art, and the written word”.

Our Place On Earth (OPOE)

Our Place On Earth is a PGP production focused on sharing climate success stories from around the world.

The initiative produces feature films on inspiring stories from the frontlines of climate change that provide practical insights for policymakers, practitioners and local communities on how to support and engage in community-based climate action. They also highlight the important role that community empowerment and traditional knowledge play in finding and implementing climate mitigation and adaptation strategies. OPOE also produces interactive case studies, short films and film-making workshops.

Partners:Snowchange, blueEnergy, Union Island Environmental Attackers, ENSIA Magazine, UKCIP, Radio Grenadines

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