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Platform of Civil Society Organizations for the Safeguard of Mountains (PSM)

Green mountain with white letters of PSM

The Plateforme des Organisations de la Société Civile pour la Sauvegarde des Montagnes (PSM) was created in 2013 by a group of civil society organizations from West Africa, willing to protect mountain ecosystems and their biodiversity and to promote the sustainable development of communities bordering the highlands of West Africa. Established by civil society organizations from four countries, the platform has extended to 12 other countries and intends to become a genuine spearhead in biodiversity conservation, a channel to promote food sovereignty and green economies, a tool to maintaining a moderate climate and an instrument for promoting kinship between communities living in the highlands of West Africa.

PSM is not a research organization but collaborates with scientists to promote a research on West African mountains. PSM works with traditional authorities for the promotion of traditional practices for the protection of mountains and their biodiversity.

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