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Prakriti Resources Centre

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Established in 2015, Prakriti Resources Centre (PRC) is a non-governmental organization working for sustainable development and environmental justice in Nepal. We are carving a niche for ourselves in the areas of national and international climate policy processes, climate finance, climate-resilient and low carbon development practices, and loss and damage associated with climate change impacts. In these areas, we conduct research and study, carry out policy intervention, build awareness, knowledge and capacity of civil society organizations, government and the private sector, and facilitate dialogue among them. We work in alliance and collaboration with government and other national, regional and global actors in these areas, and together with our allies, we also advocate for environmental-friendly and disaster responsive policy and practices. Gender equality, social inclusion and good governance cross-cut all our projects, activities and practices.

We are registered with the Government of Nepal under Associations Registration Act, 1977, and have affiliation with the District Administration Office, Kathmandu and the Social Welfare Council.

In its work PRC

  • Development of a common platform for climate and development practitioners: Together with our civil society allies we will work to foster a common platform to hold dialogues, exchange knowledge and learning, and at times, conduct training and orientation on crucial issues of climate change, development, and gender and social inclusion. It will promote shared understanding on these issues and promote collaboration for collective influencing work.
  • Policy Engagement: We stand ready to substantially contribute to formulation and implementation of effective policies through engagement with policy makers and the government.
  • Capacity Building: Building capacity, skills and knowledge of PRC itself, its allies, potential local actors and policy makers through training, exposure visits and research-based information sharing.
  • Research and Knowledge sharing: We will conduct research and studies to increase our own and our allies’ knowledge base, inform and influence policy and decision making at different levels and share knowledge and information widely.
  • Partnership and networking: PRC will increase its engagement with NGOs, INGOs working in climate change and women’s rights, the government and the private sector to maximise the impact of our work.

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