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REEEP is a market catalyst for renewable energy and energy efficiency in developing countries and emerging markets.

The Partnership was established alongside the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg. Over its ten-year lifespan, REEEP has established itself as a vocal champion for clean energy – energy efficiency and renewable energy – punching above its weight in three ways: by funding innovative projects, by providing internet-based information resources, and by supporting clean energy stakeholders.

The organisation is now comprised of 400 partners including 45 governments as well as a range of private companies and international organisations. Some 5200 individuals are also registered as Friends of REEEP.

REEEP has a network of Regional Secretariats on the ground around the globe, including China and India, ensuring that all activities are locally relevant and focused.

REEEP is supported primarily by governments (Australia, Austria, Canada, the European Union, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, the US and the United Kingdom) and by contributions from the private sector. Robust governance and monitoring structures ensure that all contributions are spent transparently and effectively.

Key activities

Funding clean energy project interventionsREEEP has supported 154 clean energy projects in 57 countries – often as a risk-taking cornerstone investor – disbursing €14.4 million and leveraging an additional €29.4 million in co-funding. These initiatives work with governments on clean energy policy and regulation and with the private sector on creating profitable finance and business models. Providing web-based information resourcesReliable and digestible information lays the groundwork for stable clean energy policies and investment to be able to flourish. Together with REN21, REEEP finances, the leading clean energy information portal which currently attracts 220,000 users per month. Its 198 country energy profiles draw information from Linked Open Data sources and package it all together in a user-friendly, easily digestible dossiers.Supporting effective championsREEEP supports champions via sub-networks such as Sustainable Energy Regulation Network (SERN), which compiles overviews of energy policy in 163 countries; Renewable Energy in International Law (REIL), providing high-level, off-the-record policy discussions; and the Energy Efficiency Coalition (EEC), which spawns national networks to take action on EE. REEEP also has a global network of five Regional Secretariats hosted by organisations that share the clean energy agenda.

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