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The Center for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) is a Vietnamese non-profit non-government organization. We are dedicated to working with disadvantaged communities in mountainous areas, assisting them to improve their quality of life and manage their resources sustainably. SRD inherits 28 years of experience from CIDSE Vietnam (International Cooperation for Development and Solidarity). CIDSE Vietnam was an international nongovernment organization that delivered a range of development projects across Vietnam from 1975 – 2005. Through working closely with Vietnamese staff and partners, CIDSE realized its ultimate goal of nationalizing local development activities.

In March 2006 the Center for Sustainable Rural Development was established, and registered as member organization of Vietnam Union of Science and Technology (VUSTA), with an operation permit from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (MOSTE) dated March 30, 2006. Over the years, SRD has continued to grow and broaden its experience in a range of fields, and expanded geographic locations. The SRD team is comprised of approximately 30 staff and international volunteers. All employees are highly experienced, with a depth of expertise in the fields of Agriculture, Climate Change, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Gender, Environment, Communications and Public Health.

SRD has two operational locations; a head office in Hanoi and a small office based in Hue. SRD’s work focuses on three main program streams: Sustainable Agriculture and Livelihoods, Climate Change, and Communications, Research and Advocacy. All of our projects have a strong capacity building focus, and integrate the implications of cross cutting issues such as climate change, and gender equity. SRD maintains an extensive network of consultants and collaborators based both locally and overseas, who are scientists and specialists well known in their fields. We are also a chair or core member of a number of Vietnamese and International NGO networks. We regularly partner with other community based organizations to achieve the best possible results for our projects.

Our Vision : People in rural communities are empowered to sustainably manage their own livelihood systems in an equal and compassionate society.

Our Mission: SRD is a Vietnamese development agency supporting poor rural communities to sustainably manage their own livelihoods through capacity building and supporting pro-poor policy advocacy

Our Core Values:

  • Ownership: People should have ownership of their own development;
  • Sustainability: A development effort is sustainable if the community can maintain and extend the results of development interventions
  • Equity: All members of a community should be assured of equal opportunities, access to resources and benefits, responsibilities, and protections.
  • Accountability/transparency: The organisation, its partners and beneficiaries professionally and openly operates in transparent ways
  • Efficiency: Achieving the best results with the least resources

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