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Farmers Piloting the System of Rice Seed Intensification (SRI) Towards Climate Change Adaptation in BacKan Province

Rice production is and will be affected by changes in the climate. Irregular rainfall, drier spells in the wet season (damaging young plants), drought and floods are all having an effect on yields. New techniques are therefore required in order to cope with and respond to climate change and to stabilize the productivity of rice. SRD is helping to test the system of rice seed intensification (SRI) as a climate change adaptation strategy based on the 6-year successful project on Strengthen and Develop Farmer Rice Seed System in BacKan province

The outputs of SRI are very promising in terms of effectiveness as well as sustainability, key findings include an increase of outputs and reduction of inputs such as seeds, chemical fertilizer, pesticides and irrigation water, enabling communities to adapt to climate change and reduce their vulnerability. Capacity building of local staff and key villagers, especially women and men from the Thai ethnic minority group, are strengthened by participatory planning and household farm management.

SRI maintains soil quality, increases food productivity, protects the environment from pollution, reduces greenhouse gases and enhances the achievement of national food security. It is expected that the economic, social and environmental effectiveness of SRI will be recognized by the local farmers and authority and will motivate the application of this approach in other parts of the province.

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