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Stop Reset Go We are a growing collective of change agents who seek your support to co-create an open, digital framework for the commons, enabling citizens, entrepreneurs, activists, communities and distributed initiatives around the world to come out of their silos, converge and effectively share resources to build the future of humanity. Our plea is simple:

  1. STOP supporting what we already know is not working,
  2. RESET our actions and align them with our hearts wisdom and
  3. GO towards the world we have all imagined is possible

Stop Reset Go (SRG) is not a movement, but a holistic framework consisting of complimentary digital tools that will help bring together the countless amazing but highly fragmented movements, change agents and organizations already out there doing amazing work. A global platform that taps into the deep currents of collaboration within all of us will serve to greatly amplify the impact each of us can make, to create a tsunami of change. We will crowdsource the planet to build the platform, then use it to crowdsource solutions for the planet.

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