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The Abaci Partnership

We bring novel insights that enable you to harness dynamic change – to turn challenges into opportunities. In short: we help you anticipate and exploit the unexpected. Our blog on adaptation and organisational change explains how – and our online library tracks outcomes.

The abaci Partnership supports its customers by applying ‘crowd-sourced’ insights that help you achieve feasible, practical and realisable outcomes. For example, in:

    • Policy and Strategy – Appreciating the extent of organisational and community matches and mismatches – eg. by assisting with stakeholder engagement, facilitation, analysis, decision-support, option generation and exploitation of results.
    • Operations, Crisis and Conflict in the Social Context– informing, with Other Government Departments and Non-Government Oorganisations, the development and implementation of real-world-ready concepts and doctrine for transformation.
    • Industry Partnerships, Acquisition Management and Research – appreciating the state-of-the-art and in challenging the art-of-the-possible – so driving innovation.
    • Development, Integration, Test and Experimentation of Solutions – formulating and designing appropriate schemes, in working-up scenarios, and in leading, monitoring and reporting on tests and executing high-profile and successful experiments for clients.

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