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The Petzl Foundation

PETZL fondation in black

The Petzl Foundation supports non-profit organizations through financial and equipment grants, as well as consultation and training. Whether climbing a distant summit, or exploring the depths below, our desire to access the inaccessible inspires an enduring passion to fulfill our dreams. The mission of the Petzl Foundation is to support or initiate projects which serve the public interest. These projects shall seek a harmonious balance between human activities in the mountains and the vertical world relative to their impact on our natural, cultural and economic environments.

Their work covers 3 areas:

  • Accident Prevention = The Petzl Foundation provides technical training, encourages the publication of safety at height information, and funds programs that provide education and training designed to prevent accidents.
  • Conservation of the Environment = The Petzl Foundation supports non-profit organizations whose role is to discover and protect biodiversity on cliffs, in caves and in mountain ranges.
  • Discovery of our Vertical World = The Petzl Foundation supports conferences, exhibitions, debates, advocacy groups, and scientific research projects, which aim to improve our understanding of the mountains and the vertical world. The new insights and exchange of ideas resulting from these events and projects expand our knowledge base and strengthen the vertical communities.

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