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UK Climate Change and Migration Coalition

The UK Climate Change and Migration Coalition exists to challenge the lack of long-term strategies to support and protect people at risk of displacement linked to environmental change.

Our goal is to ensure a people centred policy response at the national and international level by:

  • Building support for policies that allow people to strengthen their survival capacity through migration
  • Ensuring adequate assistance and protection for people displaced internally and cross border as a consequence of slow and sudden onset disasters.

There are major gaps in the protection system for people displaced by sudden and slow onset disasters. Traditional notions of development and adaptation fail to recognise that migration can be a vital livelihood strategy. In the face of deteriorating conditions, people should have a right to stay but equally the choice to move to areas where they can live a sustainable existence.

Leadership on this issue is absent at the national and international level. We hope to help change that by strengthening affected community and civil society voices in the debate about how best we respond.

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