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The Sustainable Development Goals, which came into force in January 2016, will continue to guide the United Nations Development Programme policies and funding for the next 15 years. As a UN development leader, UNDP is uniquely positioned to contribute to the implementation of the Goals through its activities in 170 countries and territories.

Our strategic plan focuses on key areas, including poverty reduction, democratic governance and peacebuilding, climate change and the risk of natural disasters, as well as economic inequalities.

UNDP helps governments integrate the SDGs into their national development policies and projects. This activity is already underway: we are helping many countries to accelerate progress already made in the context of the Millennium Development Goals.

Thanks to our previous initiatives aimed at a simultaneous set of objectives, we have gained valuable experience and proven political expertise to ensure that we all achieve the targets set by the SDGs by 2030. But we do not will not arrive alone.

Achieving the SDGs will require governments, the private sector, civil society and citizens to act together. This is how we will leave a better world for future generations.

Protecting the achievements of development

To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and end poverty and inequality, we must address the combined threat of climate change and disasters. By strengthening their adaptive capacity and ensuring that risk is taken into account in development, countries and populations avoid heavy losses and at the same time stimulate their economic growth, create jobs, expand access to care and improve their lives. education and ensure that no one is left behind.

Zero carbon. Aware of the risks. Sustainable.

UNDP support for climate change and disaster adaptation is organized around three major global agreements: the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and Sustainable Development Agenda for 2030.

UNDP helps countries reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and set a long-term goal of zero carbon emissions. At the same time, UNDP is working with partners to improve adaptive capacity to the impacts of climate change, increase access to clean energy, minimize disaster risk and, where necessary, build post-disaster recovery capacity. Together, these efforts form a path to sustainable development.

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