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Université de Liège


The University of Liège prides itself on its pluralistic vision and on its pursuit of excellence in teaching, research, and innovation. It is a member of Academic Pole Liège-Luxemburg.

With a student body numbering 20,000 and a staff of 4300, 2800 of whom are teachers or researchers, the University of Liège offers diversified courses of study (38 bachelor’s, 193 master’s, and 68 advanced master’s programmes), is committed to the development of student-centered learning, is intensely involved in international research programmes (especially the European Union’s FP6 and P7 projects) and is in contact with more than 600 institutions throughout the world (250 in Europe). The University of Liège is fully integrated into the greater European education (Bologna) and research (Lisbon) sphere, and more globally, into the main international scientific networks.

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