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Egypt: National Economic, Environment and Development Study (NEEDS) for Climate Change Project

A boat along the Nile, Aswan, Egypt. Image ©

National Development Plans and Priorities in the context of Climate Change

To enhance adaptation planning and the development of mitigation strategies in Egypt, it is important to: improve scientific capacity; apply a bottom-up approach; develop community-based measures by involving stakeholders in adaptation planning; and increase public awareness and the adaptive capacity of the community. Identified priorities include: establishing a national programme for integrated coastal zone management; improving the current crop pattern; developing a crop calendar adapted to the projected climate changes; improving on-farm irrigation systems; and developing a special funding programme for adaptation and risk reduction activities specific to the coastal zone and agriculture sectors.

Egypt’s Strategy for Energy Supply and Use incorporates the main policies and measures that have the potential to meet the country’s long-term challenges, including ensuring the security of energy supplies and the sustainability of current energy use as well as abating GHG emissions. Actions to reduce GHG emissions from the energy sector are prioritized in Egypt’s mid-term strategy [is there a time period for strategy?], including using renewable energy, increasing energy efficiency, using lower-carbon fuels, adopting nuclear power and improving transportation fleets.

Lessons Learnt

Some of the challenges and opportunities for Egypt are: to extend the NEEDS to cover other sectors; to establish a virtual centre of excellence for climate change information, networked with other relevant databases in different sectors and regions; to mainstream climate change activities into its national action plans; to increase public awareness; and to foster climate change monitoring and observation systems.

Possible Next Steps

  • The development of an NCCS
  • The development of a NAPA and national low-carbon economy plan
  • The establishment of a strong system for disseminating information on climate change and its impacts on agriculture

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