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Enhancing the adaptive capacity of resource dependant communities in Gogonyo Sub County, Pallisa district

People in the Gogonyo Sub County are vulnerable to drought, floods and unreliable rainfall. Within the communities here, 67% live below the poverty line and over 80% depend on rain-fed agriculture as their main livelihood. The seasons are no longer predictable. Pests and diseases are on the increase affecting crops, animals and humans. Food security is being challenged by the increased frequency of drought. Unlike before, farmers plant any time it rains (with minimal planning).

The project seeks to enhance the adaptive capacity of the local farmers through increased knowledge and access to local technologies such as improved seeds, irrigation pumps and trees. The main activities include: communicating climate change at different levels (local leaders, technocrats, farmers) through meetings; promotion of simple technologies such as drought-resistant seeds, simple irrigation pump; tree planting; skills enhancement through training.

Susan Nanduddu, [email protected] or [email protected] Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Associations (DENIVA-UGANDA), Africa 2000 Network Uganda, and the Department of Natural Resources at Makerere University

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