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Call for concept notes for regional strategic events on social media for inclusive resilience in Southeast Asia -deadline 31 May

Dear colleagues,

SEI Asia, with support from the Swedish government (Sida), launched the Strategic Collaborative Fund Phase 2 (SCF2) programme in 2018 to enhance the current 2030 Agenda efforts in Asia and the Pacific. SCF2 aims to foster regional cooperation and policy dialogue for sustainable development and environmental sustainability, through capacity building, knowledge sharing and increased collaboration. Human rights and gender equality are central to SCF2, as it champions regional and inter-regional collaboration for transboundary environmental policy development.

SCF2 welcomes concept notes for regional strategic events in Asia, specifically in South and Southeast Asia, that highlight the advancement of environmental sustainability, gender equality, human rights and poverty reduction. The proposed events should include representatives from government, private sector, civil society, research or academic institutions and development partners to ensure an inclusive and substantive dialogue. Based on specific contexts, SCF2-supported events should benefit the Asian region, particularly marginalized groups including those living in poverty, women, youth, children, ethnic minorities and other environmentally vulnerable groups.

SCF2 invites potential partners to submit concept notes for regional environmental policy forums, with focus on four key themes:

  1. Air pollution – Addressing air pollution and climate change (closed; deadline 17 May 2021)

  2. Agrobiodiversity – Harnessing the Benefits of Agrobiodiversity to Build Sustainable and Inclusive Food Systems (closed; deadline 17 May 2021)

  3. Freshwater Ecosystems – Practical actions in protecting and restoring freshwater ecosystems for sustainable use and climate change adaptation (open; 31 May 2021)

  4. Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management – Social media for inclusive resilience in Southeast Asia (open; deadline 31 May 2021)

A maximum of SEK 450,000 (approximately USD 45,000) will be awarded per grant, with one grant per theme. The grants can fund one or more events in their entirety or provide supplemental funding to already confirmed co-funded event(s). The delivery period of event organization and impact monitoring must be within April 2021 – December 2021.

You can find more information here and here.

For further information please contact Wanaporn Yangyuentham, Programme Manager, at [email protected].

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