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Call for Experts: VRC Standard Framework Review and Validation

The Higher Ground Foundation has developed a draft framework for qualifying projects to earn “vulnerability reduction credits” (VRCs™). This framework includes first-order standards for methodology formulation, project requirements, and project document validation and monitoring report verification.

To complete the framework development so that projects will be able to be registered and receive VRCs, The Higher Ground Foundation is inviting external experts to review and enhance the draft Standard Framework, and subsequent ancillary guidance documentation. This is a voluntary activity undertaken remotely but with at key points engagement with Higher Ground and possibly other experts.

We seek leading experts in the following areas, ideally with project-level experience in adaptation or other crediting areas, and with experience in standards development:

– Climate Impact Assessment/Climate Adaptation Expert

– Project Based Credit Expert

– Social/Community Engagement Expert

– Climate Projection (Downscaling) Expert

– Cost/Benefits Analysis Expert

– Property Rights/Legal/Intellectual Property/Commodities Expert

The review is anticipated to commence in mid/late January 2017 and will be completed in 3rd Quarter of 2017. CVs and a letter of interest from interested experts are due by 9 January, 2017.

For more information, including a detailed terms-of-reference, please visit the Standard Review webpage at:

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