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Call for Participation – Greening Cities Symposium:

Invitation: Greening Cities Symposium, Paris, 13 January 2020

Researchers, policymakers, and others interested in green cities, biodiversity, and data are warmly invited to join a dedicated one-day symposium in Paris on 13 January 2020. Registration is free (but participants are asked to register ahead of time). Please find below the full announcement; for more information, visit the symposium website at or email us [email protected].

We hope to see you in January!

Greening Cities Symposium

Biodiversity, Data, and Knowledge

Time & Location

13 January 2020, 9h – 17h

Les Canaux, 6 Quai de la Seine, 75019 Paris, France


We warmly welcome researchers as well as policymakers and others interested in green cities, biodiversity, and data.


Registration is free and includes lunch.

Register here (direct link):


French and English

About the Event

How do we make a place for nature in the modern city? In this symposium on green cities, biodiversity, and data, hosted by the European research project BIOVEINS, we examine the increasing mediation of nature management through data. We consider how to interpret and use existing biodiversity datasets, how they can interact with other datasets in urban contexts, and when to use data at all. What are the advantages and limitations of different forms of data, and how can we best use complementary forms of data, analysis, and knowledge?

There will be two parts to the conference.

The morning session, which will be held in French, will bring together experts in applied issues of urban biodiversity and management. Many research projects generate data on how to incorporate biodiversity and ecosystem functioning into urban spaces, yet of all the green development challenges, integrating nature into cities seems to be the hardest to move from data to implementation.

In the afternoon, which will be held in English, we will examine connections between biodiversity data and broader, more conceptual issues around the meeting of nature, urban spaces and data futures. This will be an interdisciplinary conversation between social scientists, artists, and philosophers who examine these links in their work.


Program (direct link, English and French):

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