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Call for Participation — Tools for People

What tools do you use to make climate adaptation decisions? What are the barriers to understand and act on climate information? How can we best communicate technical, but also uncertain, data?

Design Study

CIID is conducting a study of climate information ‘tools’ to support designers and organisations in this field. The study will povide an overview of the current state of climate information ‘tools’, visualise best practices, and identify key challenges for the design community to continue exploring. The study will be disseminated widely and support designers and tool developers in adaptation globally.

How to Participate:

We’re looking for 10 tools to be featured as case studies. ‘Tool’ can be defined widely as anything that translates climate data into information. Could be an application, a website, an SMS service, a radio service, or even an excel spreadsheet. Ideal tools are used on a recurring frequency, for example twice a year or every few weeks.

For each case study CIID designers will conduct:

  • 1 interview with someone who designed or developed the ‘tool’
  • 2 research sessions with users of the ‘tool’

Participating organisations will receive a high-level analysis of their own tool(s), as well as early access to the study. Email Francesca Desmarais, [email protected] if you’d like to participate or have an idea of a relevant tool!

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