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Call for Survey Respondants – Online Environment Conferences

Ouranos and Dr. Blane Harvey (Assistant Professor, McGill University) are looking for respondents who have participated in online/hybrid format conferences on climate change, sustainability and environment to complete a short survey, and invite you to participate.The current COVID-19 pandemic has placed major restrictions on mobility and international travel, which has led to many conferences being moved online or into hybrid (online and in-person) formats. In this context, Ouranos is leading a collaborative project with Dr. Blane Harvey (Assistant Professor, McGill University) to develop low carbon- and travel-intensive alternatives for academic conferencing. The aim of this survey is to identify good practices and examples of innovation in online conferencing for the climate change and sustainability community. The study seeks to develop and test the alternative at the upcoming Adaptation Futures conference in October 2023. Your contribution is invaluable in helping them to think about the futures of academic conferencing in a carbon-constrained world.

You can find the survey here. If you have questions about this survey or the project, do not hesitate to reach out to either Dr. Blane Harvey (Assistant Professor, McGill University) at [email protected] or Anne Debrabandere (Soutien à la performance organisationnelle et aux communications, Ouranos) at [email protected].

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