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COP27 Event: How can we fund adaptation efforts to address cascading climate risks in the HKH and other mountain regions?

Join the COP27 session on “How can we fund adaptation efforts to address cascading climate risks in the Hindu Kush Himalaya and other mountain regions?”.

Mountain regions, including those of the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH), face significant challenges due to the impacts of global warming. In the HKH, for example, a 2°C rise and beyond will result in the loss of half the volume of the region’s glaciers and destabilise Asia’s river systems, with enormous downstream consequences for billions of people – a quarter of the planet’s population.

Many of these climate risks are cascading – an impact from climate change in one country can cascade across one or more national boarder to affect people’s lives and livelihoods in another country, similar to the experience we saw with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even though the importance of adaptation has been recognised at national and global levels, cascading climate risks have been undervalued. Adaptation efforts and finance mechanisms are largely focused at the national level when adaptation action should acknowledge the connectivity of our global systems.

Furthermore, as noted in the Cross-Chapter on Mountains in the IPCC AR6, adaptation responses in the mountains are primarily incremental and focus on early warning systems and the diversification of livelihood strategies in agriculture, pastoralism, and tourism. However, these measures’ feasibility and long-term effectiveness in addressing climate-related impacts, losses, and damages are limited.

So, how can we better support the HKH and other mountain regions in responding to cascading climate risks? What financial mechanisms are available to address these adaptation needs?

Organised by ICIMOD and Adaptation without Borders, the event brochure is available online here.

This event will take place on Wednesday 9th November 14:30-15:45 local time (GMT+2) at the Cryosphere Pavilion on site at COP27. Register to attend online or in-person. Visit to watch the livestream.

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