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Human adaptation to biodiversity change

This forum introduces the newly emerging theme of ‘Human Adaptation to Biodiversity Change’, with the purpose of further developing the theme and demonstrating its significance for both science and policy-making. It follows on an ESPA funded research project of the same name.

Biodiversity change has a multitude of interacting drivers, including climate change, that are leading to rapid change in species and in ecosystems to which humans must and are adapting. To date, there has been a failure to consider how biodiversity change and human adaptation are specifically inter-related, although examples of human responses to recent biodiversity change (e.g. species range change, invasive species, new pathogens, changes in phenology, species loss, etc.) are evident in the press, popular media, and some academic research.

This forum seeks to present and discuss cases stemming from research, policy making, and practice. It discusses the challenges of conceptualizing the relation between biodiversity change and human adaptation, assuming that one fruitful way to approach the topic is by focusing on ‘adaptation from below’, where biodiversity change is largely endogenously driven.

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