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Looking for a powerful web presence for your network? Join the weADAPT team of expert Editors!

Would you like to grow an online space for your climate change adaptation research or practice, highlight the work of your network, and engage with the global community?

weADAPT is offering you the opportunity to manage your own online space as a weADAPT Editor that offers all of this and more. As an expert Editor you will have a deep knowledge of an area and will be able to source new contributions and help our readers navigate the emerging topics and trends. This is a voluntary role that can fit around and support your main role as a valuable way to increase your climate knowledge and network collaborations.

Launched in 2007, weADAPT now has over 150,000 unique users annually and thousands of articles and case studies shared across more than 20 themes and networks.

How can you benefit from being a weADAPT Editor?

  • Learn – Promote learning and capacity development on a specific topic area of climate change adaptation research, practice and policy.

  • Share – Increase the visibility of your own research and practitioner network and engage with other climate adaptation researchers and topics in reviewing articles.

  • Connect – Grow a network and community to progress an area of research and practice and to support the development of new collaborations.

  • Receive ongoing support from the weADAPT Knowledge Management team.

  • Offer training from the weADAPT team to your network.

  • Take advantage of our social media channels and newsletter to increase visibility for your theme/network content, members and events.

Being a weADAPT Editor involves:

  • Help direct the growth of a theme within weADAPT and advise our team on important and emerging topics and content that we should promote

  • Reviewing user contributed content to make sure it is credible and relevant to your theme or network’s audience and the weADAPT community.

  • Checking that uploaded summaries accurately reflect the original sources of content.

  • Making sure that summaries are easy for non-experts to read and understand; making copy edits as necessary

  • Suggesting additional details or references that would be useful for the contributor to share with readers.

Time required for this role:

Time spent editing user contributions differs from theme to theme. We recommend spending between 20 minutes to 1 hour on each piece. We expect there to be 4 contributions per month for you to review, though this can change significantly from month-to-month, and on how much yourself and weADAPT are promoting the theme/network.

To register interest in this role, please fill out this form.

We aim to post all comments and forum posts, but will not post anything that we consider unrelated  to the topic under discussion. Your comment will be reviewed before publishing.

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