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MRI Mountains Observatories Working Group and GEO Mountains Workshop in Central Asia

On behalf of colleagues at GEO Mountains:

From 18-20 April, we will host a workshop in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on the topic of mountain observations and observatories in Central Asia. This will be the first of a series of regional workshops held throughout the year under the Adaptation at Altitude programme.

The primary aim of the workshop is to hold the inaugural meeting of the Central Asian Mountain Observatory Network (CAMON). Participants will:

  • gain an overview of current status of sites belonging to the network (e.g. variables measured, protocols applied, record lengths available, logistical aspects), and current thematic gaps / opportunities or expansion (e.g. increased biodiversity and societal monitoring).
  • have the opportunities to share experience in the operation of such sites, and identify potential joint projects or collaborations (e.g. water isotopes, microplastic analyses, in situ and remote sensing measurements of snow cover characteristics).
  • meet representatives from national and other hydrometeorological monitoring agencies in the region that make measurements in mountainous terrain, with a view to developing greater complementarity and exchange with CAMON sites.

In addition, part of the programme will be targeted specifically towards students and Early Career Researchers, and could for instance seek to co-define possible research questions beyond the classical climate-cryosphere-surface hydrology nexus that could be explored in collaboration with CAMON (e.g. using data from CAMON sites). The workshop will also include an excursion to Bolshoe Almatisnkoe Lake Station.

For further information, including how to either apply to attend in person or register to join online, please see here. The deadline for applications is 17 February and the number of supported places is limited.

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This meeting is co-organised by the MRI’s Mountain Observatories Working Group, the University of Reading, the UNESCO Central Asian Regional Glaciological Centre, and the Kazakhstan Institute of Geography as a contribution to GEO Mountains.

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