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New Highlander School moderated discussion: CBA models for climate action: what works, what doesn’t, and what does it teach us?

*Note: Although the 1 hour moderated part of this discussion is over, you can still post and respond to existing questions and comments, and otherwise engage in this conversation over the long term! The discussion is taking place in the comments section at the bottom of this page!

We will be using this forum to host the first of a regular monthly moderated discussion forum. The online discussion will be held this 1st May 2019, 9 am BST! To find out what time this will be held where you are, search from the international meeting planner!

What will happen?

The discussion will be in the form of a instant message dialogue, with comments being posted in the conversation below. In particular, we invite stories that reflect the unique approaches and dynamics of your communities to cope with the drivers and impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss, along with specific or universal conundrums, challenges, mistakes, deep lessons, surprising revelations!

We will prepare some material in advance, but mostly wish for discussion participants to bring their own stories, examples, questions, concerns and ideas. We will have a group of experts online to help facilitate the discussion, share lessons from their own practices and recommend resources that they have found helpful.

This is experimental and thus also meant to offer us all experiential learning in ways to make the weADAPT platform and engagement dynamic, providing a value-added to platform users. We also will work with adapting the time of the forum in order to increase access for engagement across a multitude of time zones. (*Please send us feedback at [email protected] if you are interested to join, but the timezone does not work for you.)

Who can join?

ALL ARE WELCOME TO JOIN! Bring your stories, your questions, your examples across the board!

How to join?

The discussion will take place below, in this discussion thread. Before participating you will need to join the site (free) and you can do so by clicking here.

Why this topic?

The topic – “Models for CBA climate action: what works, what doesn’t, and what does it teach us?” – has been selected by you, the CBA community of practice. The close 2nd choice is on reconsidering questions of scale, so we will be sure to feature this topic in an upcoming moderated discussion forum.

Why ‘New Highlander’? Click here for the story of the Highlander Folk School & Center.

Rules of Engagement / Etiquette:

  1. We respect each other. Recognize people are coming to this forum from many different experiences, perspectives, opportunities, languages and cultures. Everyone has a right to share their understanding and ideas, and no one is to be dismissed, disregarded, or attacked. Show patience, as a text-based discussion requires language and typing skills which may vary– we all have strengths and weakness, and each person’s contribution is valuable. This is a constructive, mutually supportive and collaborative safe space.

  2. The rules of kindergarten apply: no name calling, no fighting, no biting.

  3. Please keep language and behaviour professional, respectful and kind.

  4. We are learning, experientially, through this together. If you have feedback about challenges, preferences, or opportunities in this discussion forum space, we want to hear from you: [email protected]

  5. For the moment, in this discussion space there is no way to ‘raise your hand’ for a question, so please be patient, and we will do our best to facilitate appropriate focus for aspects of discussion as they emerge. We will aim to enable sufficient time to shift into new areas of the subject, striving to support fair and even participation. (We welcome feedback on this; for instance, would video conferencing like Zoom, that allows for text and video / speech, work better? Or is this method more accessible with internet connectivity, and remote access issues?)

We aim to post all comments and forum posts, but will not post anything that we consider unrelated  to the topic under discussion. Your comment will be reviewed before publishing.

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