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New Sessions for confirmed for the 16th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA16)

The 16th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA16) brings together practitioners, grassroots representatives, governments, and donors to ensure that the voices, experiences and priorities of those most affected by climate change shape the responses to climate change from local to global levels. The open and inclusive spaces for sharing learning, experiences, discussion and meaningful networking, provide an opportunity for the climate change adaptation stakeholders to effectively deliver on the priorities of the excluded using the lens of lived experience, local knowledge, and evidence of what works and does not work.

CBA16, will be held online from 3-4 October 2022. CBA16 will focus on how we can put the Eight Locally Led Adaptation (LLA) principles into practice – and we need the CBA community of practice to share their experiences. This year’s sessions cover a wide range of highly relevant topics, including how LLA principles address conflict, their role in transforming slums and informal settlements, how drug policy is a barrier to climate justice, and local government reforms needed to put LLA into practice. All the CBA sessions will be interactive and participatory, featuring breakout groups, experience sharing and opportunities for creative discussion – there will be plenty of moments to share your unique perspectives.

You can find out more information and register for tickets here.

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