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Online Dialogue! Global Platform on Disater Risk Reduction GP17 Substantive Issues

The SEI Transforming Development and Disaster Risk Reduction has been contributing to the dialogue on ““Substantive Issues for the 2017 Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction – Fifth Session”. We invite you to join the discussion!

As part of its commitment to ensuring extensive and inclusive multi-stakeholder consultations in the preparations of the 2017 Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (22-26 May 2017, Cancún, México), the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction is inviting interested stakeholders to join an Online Dialogue on “Substantive Issues for the 2017 Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction – Fifth Session” that will be running from 16 May to 5 June 2016. The Online Dialogue is a unique opportunity given to the disaster risk reduction community to influence the 2017 Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction discussions and outcomes. A set of questions is proposed to guide the online dialogue discussion and help identify critical elements and aspects of the Sendai Framework that require urgent attention, action and guidance in order to meet its priorities and global targets by 2020 and up to 2030. The online dialogue is moderated by Mr. Jerry Velasquez, Chief, Advocacy and Stakeholders Coordination Section at UNISDR. To get started, please visit the website of the Global Platform 2017: Questions are:

QUESTION 1 – Until 29 May – What priority actions are required to meet the 2020 target of increasing the number of countries with national and local disaster risk reduction strategies and plans aligned with the Sendai Framework?

Question 2. Until June 5th – What activities and programmes would need to be developed or scaled up to accelerate vulnerability reduction and achieve resilience in the context of development?

To review all three issues for consultation, please refer to this document:

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