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Online event, September 26: Solutions and Action in East African Mountains (Africa Climate Week)

On behalf of colleagues in UNEP, ARCOS and GRID-Arendal:

East Africa’s last glaciers will most likely disappear this century, with severe implications for water supply and security. In addition, rainfall patterns are changing, and erosion and drought are becoming more pressing challenges in mountain areas.

This event, will explore what communities, governments and the East African Community are doing under the Adaptation at Altitude Programme to adapt to climate change. This event will contribute towards increasing knowledge on climate change and appropriate adaptation solutions in mountains and feeding it into science-policy platforms for informed decision-making in national, regional and global policy processes.

This event will run on Sunday 26th September at17.00-18.00h GMT+3 (Uganda) and is part of the UNFCCC Africa Climate Week running online during 26-29th September and hosted by the Government of Uganda.


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