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Online session: Nature-based Solutions for Disaster Risk Reduction and CCA in Humanitarian Contexts (May 3)

Dear colleagues,

As part of the joint FEBA-PEDRR-EHAN working group on EbA in humanitarian and post-disaster contexts, next week there will be a session on Nature-based Solutions for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation in Humanitarian Contextsat the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week 2021.

The joint session is this coming Monday, May 3 at 15:00 CET / 19:00 BST / 20:00 ICT / 09:00 EDT.

Ecosystem services, environmental health and safeguarding, and natural hazards are often overlooked within humanitarian crises. Degradation of ecosystems and their services exacerbates peoples’ risk from the hazards and impacts of climate change, reducing access to safe, sufficient natural resources needed for livelihoods and undermining long-term development gains. Meanwhile, environmental and climactic factors play a critical role in the development and trajectory of complex crises. The cross-network working group on EbA in Humanitarian & Post-Disaster Contexts, co-chaired by Mercy Corps and IUCN, convenes stakeholders across the global networks of Friends of EbA (FEBA), Environment and Humanitarian Action Network (EHAN), and the Partnership for Disaster Risk Reduction (PEDRR), to collaboratively address how nature-based solutions and environmental safeguarding can be a core component of, and a strategy in, humanitarian aid and development. In this session, a panel discussion of participants across sectors in nature-based solutions for disaster risk reduction will explore the contribution of ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) to developing cost-effective, novel and durable solutions within crisis-hit areas and building immediate and long-term resilience. Interactive small group discussions will follow, exploring different themes and deliverables (e.g. policy briefs, a toolkit and guidance) of the working group’s learning agenda and promoting collective problem-solving and partnership

You can register for the event at

Even if you are not already registered for the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships week, you are welcome to join us at this session!! The direct Zoom link to join is available at

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