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Potential opportunity for Climate Knowledge Brokers (CKB)

The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), who are members of the Adaptation Resilience Alliance (ARA), are offering a funded opportunity which may be of interest to members of the Climate Knowledge Brokers (CKB) network.

At the ACU, part of the work is strengthening the pipeline of researchers that are able to engage in the climate action space, particularly through engaging with the policy and practice space. One of the programmes is the Commonwealth Futures Climate Research Cohort, a training and development programme for early career academics to gain skills and experience in transdisciplinary research.

To support these early career academics in identifying and engaging non-academic stakeholders to scope, co-create, and conduct research with, they are looking to recruit 2 climate knowledge brokers.

Learn more details of the opportunity and how to apply

As well as this, the program is also recruiting academic theme leads and training providers for the programme which may also be of interest to members of your network. Please share with anyone you may feel relevant.

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