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Research project on climate change adaptation in the UNFCCC

We would like to reach out to you and ask you to fill out a survey about how climate adaptation governance in the United Nations Climate Convention (UNFCCC) regime works, and how you perceive existing policies, processes or routines. Please take a moment to complete this survey. It will take about 5-7 minutes.

This survey is part of a research project on global adaptation governance conducted by researchers in Sweden at Stockholm University and funded by the Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development (Formas), 2019-2023. You can find out more here:

Follow this link to the Survey:

The results will be used to assess and describe different aspects of global adaptation governance in the UNFCCC. The results will also contribute to a better understanding of what works and what can be improved, and how this could be done. The expected outcome of this survey is a doctoral thesis, a research article, and a policy brief.

This data collection is fully anonymized and we will not single out individual answers at any stage of the research process. The project complies with GDPR. If you have any questions, please direct them to: [email protected].

Thank you for your time!

Kind regards,

Assoc. Professor Dr Lisa Dellmuth

Asst. Professor Dr Maria-Therese Gustafsson

PhD cand. Suanne Segovia Tzompa

Stockholm University

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