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Social Vulnerability

Hi All

I’m looking for tools to undertake sector based social vulnerability assessments and planning to integrate into the state governments (Queensland Australia) sector adaptation plans. Sectors covered are agriculture, built environment and infrastructure, tourism, biodiversity and ecology, industry, small business, health and wellbeing and emergency management:

In particular I’m looking for tools to use in an environment where there are minimal data sets established for social vulnerability and climate change (e.g no equivalent to Climate Just (UK) and the Social Vulnerability Index). I’d also be interested in monitoring and evaluation (M&E), and governance and accountability tools and frameworks for such a sector-based approach to adaptation.

I’d also be interested to hear peoples thoughts on having a state/regional/national-wide adaptation approach, that may facilitate community-level plans, projects etc, instead of a sector-based approach? Currently, transport and water are missing from the sector approach. Remote and indigenous communites are also not engaging in this process, suggesting it’s not an appropriate framework for self determination and inclusion.


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