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Superb online course on low-cost, low-tech Nature-based Solutions to erosion control

I wish to bring to your attention an exciting online training course on how to assess, design, install and monitor Low Erosion Control structures in a changing climate. In other words, this course offers a terrific chance to learn HOW to implement low-cost/low-tech Nature-based Solutions first and foremost to combat erosion. These solutions are also excellent measures for post-fire remediation and broader habitat restoration. While most of the course materials are drawing on examples from North America, these low-cost, low tech Nature-based Solutions are just as relevant for landscapes in other regions as well.

The online course is facilitated by Javan Bernakevitch and Jeffery Adams and Neil Bertrando will guide participants step by step on how to assess, design, install and monitor Low Tech Erosion Control structures in this 7 week online course. It is not too late to sign up.

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