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SURVEY: call for climate adaptation in mountains solutions

Dear colleagues,

The Adaptation at Altitude programme is launching a survey to collect solutions and highlight efforts on climate change adaptation in mountain environments. Survey responses will be used to produce a database of solutions that can be used by practitioners, decision-makers, policy-makers, and any interested parties. The aim of the database is to increase visibility, impact, and acknowledge the innovative work being done in the field.

The survey will help showcase projects, insights, and experiences with climate change adaptation in mountains. Submissions will include information on these initiatives that will be useful to others who consult the database to find solutions for a specific adaptation benefit, regional focus, or scale. The platform will be hosted by the Climate Change Adaptation in Mountains theme on weADAPT.

If you have solutions that you would like to share with us, you can click on this link:

To fill in the survey you will be first asked to join the weADAPT community if you are not already registered (registration takes ~30 seconds). We aim at collecting a first round of solutions by the end of the year 2020. Please feel free to circulate this survey amongst colleagues or networks.

We thank you in advance for your time and contribution that will help make climate change adaptation in mountains solutions available at the global-level and support increased resilience for mountain communities!

We aim to post all comments and forum posts, but will not post anything that we consider unrelated  to the topic under discussion. Your comment will be reviewed before publishing.

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