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Survey on developing, supporting and using climate services – for building good practice!

The SEI initiative on climate services is conducting a short survey of resources that are valuable for developing, supporting and using climate services.

As a thank you to all those who fill out this 5-minute survey, we will include an article from each respondent on their ongoing adaptation work in a weADAPT newsletter in 2019!*

This survey will inform the development of the Climate in Tandem online guidance for the co-design of climate services, which will be available as a living, open access online guidance for all to use.

Thank you in advance to those who respond!

* this requires completion of the survey and that the respondent uploads their article content. weADAPT reserves the right to exclude content on the basis of relevance and/or quality. We commit to including content in the newsletter from the first 40 survey respondents. After this, submissions will be considered as usual, alongside other submissions from across the adaptation community.

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