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Survey on Role of participation and communication for NAPAs and NAPs

I am a PhD student (Science and Management of Climate Change) at the Ca Foscari University. My research is an analysis of the role of participatory approaches and communication in National Adaptation Programmes of Actions (NAPAs) and National Adaptation Plans (NAPs).

To develop my research, I have designed a survey that aims to analyze the role of participatory approaches and communication methodologies in the design and implementation of NAPAs and to identify lessons learned for input to the NAPs. For this reason, I am requesting that you kindly participate in this survey It will take just 20 minutes to complete.

As highlighted by the LEG (2003), “the preparation of NAPAs should be guided by a participatory process involving stakeholders, particularly local communities, and a multidisciplinary and complementary approach akin to the broader context of sustainable development”. The principles of knowledge transfer, inclusive communication and grassroots participation are firmly grounded in the process and are a running theme throughout all stages of NAPA development and implementation. The use of these approaches and methodologies and the analysis of impacts on the realization of NAPAs could be keys examples for an inclusive and integrated implementation of NAPs.

Note: All inputs will treated confidentially. No contact details or other personal information is shared with third parties. The survey is intended for climate change experts involved directly or indirectly in the formulation or implementation of NAPAs and who will play a role in the implementation of NAPs plus experts on participatory approaches and communications in the climate change field. The overall ethos behind the NAPA process is, as far as possible, one of communication and participation.

I look forward to your participation!

Federica Matteoli

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