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Symposium on the use of Applied Improvisation in the Humanitarian Context (Nov 20-21)

Dear colleagues,

There will be a Symposium on the use of Applied Improvisation in the Humanitarian Context. This symposium is a partnership between the Applied Improvisation Network, the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre and the Stockholm Environment Institute.

What is Applied Improvisationyou might ask? It is the use of improvisational principles, methods, mindsets and tools for real world circumstances. And what is the Humanitarian Contextyou might ask? It is a range of areas that addresses global issues such as climate change, communal conflict, migration and refugee issues, poverty, disaster responses, social justice and social inequities. Improvisational skills such as listening, co-creating, adapting, connecting, accepting, supporting, working with uncertainty, making quick decisions, addressing status and power are all critical dimensions to working in these arenas. And we need new tools.

This symposium will bring together a global community of practitioners, facilitators, scientists and development workers to exchange best practices for innovative methods for dealing with some of the world’s toughest and most critical challenges.

Day 1 on Nov 20 includes the opening plenary and multiple interactive sessions offered by some of the most experienced practitioners in this field. Day 2 continues with brilliant offerings in the form of Open Space where people (YOU!) can offer sessions related to work in this area and attendees can choose in the moment.

Come join us to learn and share as we engage about these important global issues. This event is a fundraiser for Youth Climate Action.

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