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Webinar on Human Rights, Slow Onset events and Disaster Displacement tomorrow 23/9 at 3PM CET

Dear colleagues,

Disasters, climate change and environmental degradation have impacts on human mobility, requiring an international response based on human rights. Both sudden- and slow-onset events and processes, such as droughts, floods, rising sea levels, land degradation and storms, cause millions of people to leave their homes every year, moving either within their own country or abroad. Even if the consequences of environmental degradation on human mobility are difficult to isolate, as other drivers of migration such as economic, social and political conditions and processes are interlinked, there is consistent evidence showing that environmental changes exacerbate existing vulnerabilities, affect human livelihoods and living conditions, and act as a push factor.

In the context of the 45th Regular Session of the Human Rights Council, there will be tomorrow 23/9 at 3PM CET a webinar on Human Rights, Slow Onset events and Disaster Displacement.

You can register here.

The event has set the following objectives:

  1. Continue the conversation on the interplay between human rights in the context of climate change and cross-border human mobility by sharing analyses and evidence from different regions;
  2. Take stock and promote legal and political recommendations to address the protection gaps for cross-border migrants and displaced persons in the context of slow-onset disasters and the adverse effects of climate change;
  3. Explore opportunities and address critical issues regarding the implementation of safe and regular pathways for migration as called for by the Global Compact for Migration (especially, its Objectives 2, 5 and 7).

For this virtual Human Rights Council side event we will have panel presentations from Lauren Nishimura, Ambassador Nazhat Shameem Khan of Fiji and the Secretary General of the Gambia Red Cross, Alasan Senghare. Welcome remarks will be provided by Ambassador Rivasseau.

You can find more information here.

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