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What do the CBA17 themes mean? How are they different from sessions?

The 17th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change will take place in person from 22-25 May 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand. CBA offers opportunities for climate change adaptation practitioners, donors, researchers, governments and NGOs to share experiences, skills, and learning and deepen their networks and connections.

CBA conferences have several components to promote learning, exchange and connection, under the overarching theme of Locally-Led Adaptation, Thematic workshops explore key issues across five sub-themes. These include Climate Finance, Nature-based Solutions, Youth, Innovation for Adaptation, and Decolonising Climate Action. Participants are encouraged to bring in ‘radical’ ideas that can help deepen our knowledge of the conference themes. CBA17 will have five themes.

Thematic workshops are always participatory in nature, and to be deeper connections, all sessions are co-hosted by two or more organisations. Participants are free to use practical examples and case studies to inspire people and share knowledge.

Secondly, the CBA has skill shares to enable participants to share their experiences, skills and technical expertise. These are different from the thematic sessions in that they are a place for participants to ‘train’ and be trained by their peers on on-ground experiences in an informal setting. Skill shares can include topics on a wide range of topics, including how to write policy briefs; how to develop an outstanding funding proposal; how to conduct effective monitoring and evaluation; and gender mainstreaming.

Third, the marketplace, just as it sounds, gives participants a chance to host ‘stalls’ to share tools and approaches they have developed, including the associated lessons, approaches and insights. Applications to host a stall will open in April. Sign up and keep an eye on the regular CBA17 updates.

Fourth, the Dragons’ Den offers participants the opportunity to develop and pitch projects that can improve climate resilience within their communities. Other components of CBA will include short films and the open space for ‘burning ideas’.

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