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CASE STUDIES: Sector-oriented lens

This page contains links to case studies used in ESPACE and the Adaptation Wizard.
Multiple Authors

Here are some case studies on several of the methods that are part of the Mediation Adaptation Pathfinder and the European 7th Framework Programme project Mediation (Methodology for Effective Decision-making on Impacts and AdaptaTION).


ADAM: Mainstreaming Adaptation Into Regional Land Use Planning In the Guadiana River Basin


The objective of the Digital Compendium is to contribute to emerging knowledge on adaptation by acting as a portal for the dissemination of the trans-disciplinary results from the ADAM project. The tool provides stakeholders with valuable knowledge that may assist their decision-making. ADAM is cross-sectoral, and can cover more than one sector simultaneously. Lessons learnt from the project are supplied, and cover the following areas: making wise decisions, adaptation networks, why action is hard, organisational implications, policy implications, and research implications, such as in this study that examines the constraints and opportunities for mainstreaming adaptation to climate change in land use and water management in the Guadiana River Basin, focusing on the conditions that facilitate/limit adaptation according to six dimensions: biophysical, technical, financial, institutional, social, and cognitive (informational aspects). The study suggests, amongst other conclusions, that it is important to balance formal regulatory rules, and informal networks.

More information: Download case study here




The UKCIP tool BACLIAT assesses the potential impacts of climate change, using a checklist. Target user groups are corporate or multi-facility operations and non-industrial SME business managers. The tool has been used in the UK, and applied to agriculture, building design and construction, motor manufacturing, and financial services sectors.

More information: Download case study here

CRiSTAL: Drought, Vulnerable Communities And Adaptation In Makoya, Chingali, And Manchali

Picture available here:


CRiSTAL is a screening tool designed to help project designers and managers integrate risk reduction and climate change adaptation into community-level projects. Dodoma is a semi-desert zone with bimodal rainfall patterns that determines agricultural activities and migration patterns. In 2005, communities in Dodoma experienced severe drought. Coping strategies would require the purchase of drought resistant crop varieties and new irrigation strategies, both too expensive for poor communities. The aim of the project was to look for other coping strategies more achievable for poor livelihoods, such as through the promotion of new income generating activities at household level. Although some recommendations to improve CRiSTAL were made, the tool was proved generally useful as it helps analyse how changes in the climatic system could affect livelihoods with regard to ongoing or planned activities in a given project, and simplifies the complexity of climate change into the realities of daily life.

More information: Download case study here


UKCIP Adaptation Wizard


The objective of the web-based high level, generic UKCIP Adaptation Wizard is to help users gain a basic understanding of climate change, and integrate climate risks into their decision-making. Target user groups are newcomers to the climate change issue, as well as those who are preparing to adapt. The Adaptation Wizard looks at cross-sectoral impacts and is not sector-specific. The tool has been used in the UK (Gentoo Housing Association, Midcounties Cooperative, The Port of Felixtowe, and Redhill School), with an application time inferior to one month.

More information: Download case study here

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