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The ASSAR Spotlight – July 2016 Edition

The ASSAR Spotlight - July 2016 Edition
Anne Theuerkauf


Adaptation Futures 2016 covered a wide range of topics, from social science research focused on gender, to challenges with policy implementation, to the latest concepts in green urban design.

Many ASSAR members attended this conference as delegates, presenters and workshop leaders. In this Spotlight our team members recount their experiences of the conference and describe the work they presented there.

Download the July 2016 Spotlight here!

In this edition of ASSAR’s Spotlight:

  • How can we rise to the adaptation challenge? Learning from the best global practices by Lucia Scodanibbio

  • Do local and national development priorities align? Reflecting on the ASSAR-PRISE session by Mark Tebboth

  • Seed certification and marketing governance in Mali. Do farmers actually benefit? by Edmond Totin

  • Adaptation pathways and maladaptation by Chandni Singh

  • Inspirations from Adaptation Futures by Rahinatu Sidiki Alare

  • Mobility as an adaptation response in Kenya. Gendering the debate by Nitya Rao

  • From the Tool Shed to a Learning Space. A short workshop on Vulnerability and Risk Assessments by Jesse DeMaria-Kinney and Dian Spear

  • About ASSAR

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