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Y-Adapt: CCA youth engagement curriculum

Y-Adapt is a youth engagement curriculum, developed by the RC Climate Centre that helps young people to both understand climate change and to take practical action to adapt in their community.
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  • Level: Introductory
  • Time commitment:10 hours
  • Learning product:Guidance for delivering training in participatory games
  • Sector:Multi-sector
  • Language:English and French
  • Certificate available:No


Climate change is happening. Impacts are projected to become increasingly severe. Youth can be important agents of change in raising awareness and taking action.

‘Y-Adapt’ or ‘Youth Adapt’ is an interactive, games-based curriculum. It educates, engages and inspires youth to act in their communities to adapt to climate change.These actions are local interventions that reduce the impacts of severe weather-related events. The events can be rapid onset events -such as heavy rain leading to flooding- or slow onset events – such as extreme heat leading to drought. The curriculum is broken into seven sessions each with a different goal.

How does Y-Adapt create real world change?

  • Knowledge and SharingYouth learn about climate change and its impacts and can share their experiences with other youth around the world.
  • Community Youth engage their local communities on climate change action and become part of the global Y-Adapt community.
  • Action Youth work together to adapt resources in their community to reduce climate change impacts and become more climate resilient.

Institutional background and trainer

Y-Adapt is the product of a collaboration between the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, the Philippine Red Cross, PLAN International and the Engagement Lab at Emerson College.

We also extend our gratitude to the following partners, which have played a key role in the testing and finalisation of the materials: PLAN Philippines, Haiti Red Cross, Guatemala Red Cross and Iranian Red Crescent.

All Y-Adapt materials are licensed with Creative Commons Attribution: NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 international License.

Who would find this useful?

Youth workers, teachers, researchers and anyone wanting to deliver climate change training to young people in communities to support climate action.

Training material

Running Y-Adapt:

  • Youth – This curriculum is designed for youth aged 13-25
  • Training – Facilitators should be trained in the methodology
  • Inclusive – Strive for an inclusive, gender balanced participant selection
  • Sessions – 7 sessions, that take approximately 1 hour each – see time guides
  • Duration – Recommended to run 1 or 2 modules per week over 3-4 weeks
  • Intensive – It is possible to run Y-Adapt intensively over 3 days
  • Action – After module 6, youth have 6-8 weeks to implement their action plan
  • Monitor – Progress is innovatively monitored through youth-led photo diaries
  • Evaluate – Actions are documented in ‘Adaptation Cards’ to evaluate outputs
  • Inspire – Y-Adapt actions are shared globally to inspire more youth-led action!


Session 1: Introduction

An introduction to Y-adapt ending in a creative competition where teams present real-life examples of youth-led adaptations from around the world.

Session 2: Climate Change Challenge

A playful session that demonstrates weather compared to climate, leading into an energetic game that teaches about the greenhouse effect, global warming and climate change.

Session 3: Map the Hazard

Critical thinking challenge to map out extreme weather and its impacts. Voting determines the most frequent and impactful hazards in the local community.

Session 4: See the System

A card game where teams of players compete to identify how people, places, and things (resources) fit into systems. This is followed by an interactive exercise in which youth systematically brainstorm the important resources in their community.

Session 5: Act to Adapt

A giant board game that gets youth to prioritise important resources in their community which are vulnerable to specific extreme weather events. Youth must negotiate with each other to take individual or collective actions to protect their community resources.

Session 6: Choose your challenge

An interactive challenge in which youth must create an action plan to adapt their community. Youth engage in a reality role-play competition to act through challenges and solutions in implementing their plans, before choosing the adaptation they will implement in real life.

Session 7: Join the Y-Adapt Global Community

This is the final session of the Y-adapt curriculum. Youth create an adaptation card to capture the real world adaptation that they implemented in their community. The card is then shared to inspire other youth around the world, to inspire them to also take action.

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