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CCLONG: Climate Change Collective Learning and Observatory Network Ghana

Multiple Authors

Climate Change Collective Learning and Observatory Network Ghana (CCLONG), 2006-2009 (Funding: USAID)

This research focuses on enhancing adaptive capacity to climate change in Ghana by building a sound information exchange infrastructure that brings the science of climate change and the implications for people and the environment to a level that is understandable, accessible, and beneficial to multiple parties. Key social actors in this project are small-scale, subsistence land users (farmers, herders, fishermen), agricultural extension agents, regional and national researchers, and policy decision-makers. The main objectives are to understand local perceptions and experiences of climatic changes and extremes, examine determinants of adaptive capacity, and adjust climate and crop models to people’s needs for more effective adaptive decision-making. The study follows a social/collective learning approach where project participants engage in learning activities and experiments that, ultimately, may enhance livelihood resilience to climatic and other stressors. This project is a collaboration with the University of Ghana (Regional Institute for Population Studies; Soil Sciences) and the Ghana Environmental Protection Agency. It includes funding for four Ghanaian Master’s students and two PhD students. Tschakert (PI), Easterling, Mann, Adiku, Abekoe, and Codjoe (Co-PIs).

Download CCLONG Poster from here

If you are interested in specific methods that the CCLONG team has used at the community level, please check the following links to download pdf files:

Participatory Risk Mapping and Scoring

Historical Matrix on Climatic Events

Mental Model on Climate Change

Household Vulnerability Mapping

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