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3Keell LLP

3Keel is an Oxford-based firm of sustainability advisors specialised in working with landscapes, supply chains and food systems. Services provided include ideas, research, analysis, advice and communications.The name 3Keel comes from the keel of a boat – giving it stability in rough seas – and this is how we see our work helping to give organisations resilience in changing times.

It’s an extremely interesting time to be working in sustainability. Business as usual is not working – new ways of thinking are vital to tackle entrenched problems.

  • Ideas: Our team brings together expertise across multiple fields, generating new ideas from the cross-fertilisation of our different specialities. We generate ideas that are more than pipe dreams – bold but practical innovations that can be operationalised by businesses, policy-makers and NGOs.
  • Research: We are trained as scientists and policy and market analysts. Our research capabilities can be used for anything from creating the foundations for major new initiatives or events to spearheading a project to unearth new areas of knowledge.
  • Analysis: We are expert manipulators of data with experience in carbon footprinting and life cycle analysis (LCA), and we pioneered the FoodPrinting tool for quantifying the environmental impacts and dependencies of food consumption. Our team is just as happy managing large quantitative datasets to distil clear and understandable insights as we are with collecting and assessing qualitative data.
  • Advice: We provide a sounding board and independent advice to senior managers and decision-makers to help find solutions to complex challenges. Trusted by our clients for our straightforward but challenging style, our perspective as external experts allows us to get the heart of issues to focus on what is most important.
  • Communications: We speak in plain English and use the whole range of communications options to facilitate new conversations both within organisations and externally. From convening high-level workshops and meetings to drafting papers and publishing comprehensive reports, we communicate complex issues with clarity and simplicity. We offer communications assistance at all levels from writing to final report production.

3Keel was founded to help organisations navigate these uncertain waters and capitalise on the new opportunities that they will present.

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