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CARE Nepal

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We facilitate the empowerment of poor, vulnerable and socially excluded people to fulfill their basic needs and achieve social justice. From the high Himalayas to the plains of the Terai, we seek a peaceful and harmonious society in which poor, vulnerable and socially excluded people live in dignity, and their rights are fulfilled. We will be a partner of choice and be recognized for our commitment to social justice. By 2020 CARE will support 3.95 million people from the most vulnerable and excluded communities in Nepal to overcome poverty and social injustice.

CARE Nepal works in partnerships with state agencies, donors, NGOs, civil society organizations, research institutes, private sectors, and also closely collaborate with community members. We work across the spectrum of humanitarian action and long-term development programs to address gender-based violence, women and girls’ leadership and voice, inclusive governance, sexual reproductive health, livelihoods, food and nutrition security, disaster risk reduction, and climate change. CARE draws on its global experience to address the underlying causes of poverty and social injustice, with a distinct focus on the most marginalized and vulnerable women and adolescent girls.

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